You are here because you are creative. You know the feeling of being immersed in your favorite thing to do. Maybe it's designing something or making art, music, pottery, sculpture, or jewelry. Writing, journaling, scrapbooking, photography, woodwork, making collages, doing something in a science or engineering lab, or engaging in a sport. Or maybe it's the way you engage with all of life.
Welcome to Collectivitea! We are here to celebrate and inspire creativity by sharing stories of people who are living a creative, more authentic life.


The best part of creativity is that it doesn’t restrict itself to one activity or part of your life. Like the most lovely flowering creeper, it takes over your life. Soon you are bringing more focus to your work, and more creative thinking. You are finding unexpected things to delight in or unexpected times of joy.

Inspire & Share

There are many experts and thought leaders who are raising the curtain on what creativity is, and how we are all creative. We are adding our voices to this. Let's go out and spread the word, that no one needs to stand outside and look in. That anyone can come in.


Our goal is to empower creative entrepreneurs and small business owners + give back to communities and causes. Shop the Collectivitea independent marketplace.