Day 40 of the 365-Day Creativity Challenge

Write Your Own Horoscope/ CollectiviteaHello! It’s Sunday evening as I type this and I’ve had a pretty fun weekend of setting up Christmas lights, some shopping at the mall, and bringing a Christmas tree home. I hope your weekend was great and that you are looking forward to tackling the remaining weeks of 2017 with gusto! And welcome back to the 365-day Creativity Challenge! We are on Day 40, which is awesome! Today’s creative prompt is to write your own horoscope. Does that intrigue you? I remember reading multiple articles this year that more and more millennials are reading their horoscopes and believing in them (e.g. here). I like reading them too, though I have to admit that I often find them vague and unrelated to my life circumstances. One of the reasons that people may believe in horoscopes is because we are looking for something to hold onto in times of societal or personal uncertainty. Plus with stress and anxiety on the rise, we may be willing to look at anything that points us towards a brighter future. I am not here to debate the merits or demerits of astrology. Instead, I want to use the idea of a horoscope towards goal-setting. Read More