Today’s home tour takes place in Coimbatore, India. Did you know that I have a cherished connection with the south Indian city of Coimbatore? My mother is from this city and until I turned 24, I spent all my summer vacations here. Lots of awesome memories of walking along streets lined with ‘Flame of the forest’ trees with their brilliant orange flowers, hearing about cotton mills producing brightly colored saris and eating mangos in the summer. So it is with great pleasure that I am sharing the home of Sigappi Annamalai in Coimbatore. I have featured her daughter Meena Sriram’s home on this blog and you will see, creativity and exquisite taste runs in the family!

Sigappi Annamalai/ Home Tour/ Collectivitea

This is what Meena has to say about her mother: “My mom’s a natural when it comes to design, and she’s always been a real inspiration to me in every way possible. She created such a lovely and warm home for my Dad, brother and me, and I remember tagging along with her while she used to make all her design choices and she used to explain  so many fun details..our home is more than a decade old. One of the best things about our home is that my Mom designed a courtyard right in the centre and the rest of the space is open and revolves around the courtyard, so we’re flooded with loads of lovely sunshine, and there’s lovely warm yellow colorcast always, as you can see from the pictures.” – Meena Sriram

All I want to tell you is that these pictures personify the warmth of South Indian style and are exceedingly beautiful. You might want to sit down and scroll down ever so gently so that you don’t miss a single gorgeous detail. Let’s start with the entryway….

Sigappi Annamalai/ Home Tour/ Collectivitea
and proceed to the living room..

Sigappi Annamalai/ Home Tour/ Collectivitea
Sigappi Annamalai/ Home Tour/ Collectivitea

Now for my favorite part of the house, the central courtyard, lined by vibrant greenery. You could sit on the swing with your cup of tea or maybe just sink onto the cool floor…

Sigappi Annamalai/ Home Tour/ Collectivitea

Sigappi Annamalai/ Home Tour/ Collectivitea
Sigappi Annamalai/ Home Tour/ Collectivitea
Sigappi Annamalai/ Home Tour/ Collectivitea

DROOL! I can hear the rustle of saris and the faint strumming of the veena all the way in San Francisco.

All images taken by and courtesy of Meena Sriram.


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  1. Anpu

    …what a beautiful home! it is so lush, warm and all the lovely copper urlies and statues, Not to miss the lovely Nandi bull…Thanks for sharing this excuisite home.

  2. Madhu Gopalan

    Gorgeous house – totally love the traditional elements 🙂 I got married recently, and my husband and I are in the process of doing up our house, and I am going to sit and go through the pictures in your blog for inspiration 🙂

  3. vineeta

    Beautiful home and photographed lovingly. I love each of these pics – The courtyard, the warm tones, the reclining buddha in his cot :)and the majestic nandi. What a well put together home. Thanx for bringing this home to us Priya & Sigappi Annamalai for creating this.

  4. Meena Sriram

    I’d like to thank everybody for all the lovely comments and Priya for featuring mom’s home in her beautiful blog and for the wonderful write up! 🙂

    1. Radha

      Hi can you please share the complete plan of the house to my email id. I just luv the courtyard but to my understanding I think it’s 3 sided. Thank u in. Advance

  5. Anonymous

    wow… the traditional look n feel of it….how i wish to see other rooms of the pooja room bedroom…. curious how its been decorated traditionally….


  6. Hema

    I’ve been to this beautiful home as Sigi is a dear friend and even so , I still gasped with delight at the sheer beauty of her home. Sigi you are a powerhouse of creativity.

  7. Anonymous

    Dear Priya,
    I’ve been following your blog for about two years now & it is such an inspiration. I was just taking a tour of the homes that you’ve published & I must say this is by far the best I’ve seen. Extremely well decorated home with a bucket-load of tradition to it, such a peaceful place to be. Keep up the good work, I am a regular visitor. Cheers,Sneha.

  8. Neelam

    How did I miss such a lovely space?…Beautiful home…. bookmarking this….gorgeous…The home showcases the love poured by the lady of the house

  9. Sreyashi Shome

    Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful home. It’s warm,inviting & appears to be filled with love. Loved all the details.