Have you achieved decorating nirvana?

Over a cup of tea.. (Online Journal) / Wednesday, May 7th, 2014

Decorating Nirvana/Collectivitea

One popular meaning of ‘nirvana’ is an ideal or idyllic place or state or mind or a state of peace. When I say decorating nirvana, I mean a state where you have achieved your ideal look. Whether you live in a rental property or your own, whether it’s an apartment or a house or everything in between, if you can create your ideal surroundings, you have achieved decorating nirvana! Let me explain. We moved into our current home 3 months ago, it’s our dream home and we love it.  Though we still have to change some furniture, we are almost done setting it up. (I am not including the boys rooms in this because they have become increasingly vocal in their objections to having their rooms prettified by me.) Which means I have hung art on the walls, there are frames leaning on the floor, a mix of contemporary photographs and traditional paintings; I have draped my beautiful vintage fabrics, set up piles of books and arranged my collection of objects from around the world. Add some flowers and a fern or two. This is how I create our home in every apartment, condo, townhouse or house we have ever lived in. I don’t see myself changing it. This is what interior decor means to me- creating that signature look which tells anyone entering the house our story and what we love (boho chic, all the way!). Once I have created this look, I am done. I will change the paintings around, rotate the objets d’art or switch this fabric for that or buy more but that’s it. After years of figuring out, we have arrived at a state of nirvana. Have you? If yes, what is it made up of? Whether you have already figured it out or are still in the process of doing so, write to me in the comments section below and tell me your story. 


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3 thoughts on “Have you achieved decorating nirvana?

  1. What a well composed post, Priya! You always leave me to introspect..:). I seem to enjoy the decorating journey more than the destination….but there is nothing like that small burst of bliss I experience when I follow a design instinct, follow the process and have it look just like I imagined. I take that with me as fuel for my next decorating journey :).

    1. Nitya, so after years of doing that, I have arrived at what I consider my look :). It’s another journey to savor and this destination is guaranteed! What are the go-to items/staples that you have come to rely on? Thank you so much for taking the time to interact!

  2. I’ve been learning more about Buddhism lately, so this post caught my attention. It’s so true that when a home is well-designed, you don’t feel the need for much change. It is peaceful and settled. And, yeah for boho chic ;)!

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