Are you enjoying the journey?

Over a cup of tea.. (Online Journal) / Monday, May 5th, 2014

It’s 10 in the morning on yet another Monday (someone needs a holiday!) and here are some…..I have gotten off to a really slow start to my Monday. We had a busy weekend, almost completely taken over by the kids’ activities, plus a small party Sunday afternoon and I have gotten to Monday lunchtime without much to show for my morning. So, what do I do? I quickly head to Pinterest to search for answers….Fast forward to Monday night (at least it’s still Monday here!). Every blogger, at some time or the other, struggles with what to write in a post and I had one of those feeling-phenomenally-uninspired days.  I really would like to go away on a holiday and be away from responsibility and routine, even for a short while. I am at somewhat of a crossroads in certain aspects of my life and I really don’t know which way to proceed. It would be nice if the paths were marked, “Take this, there is a 70-80% chance of it working out”  or “This way, the success rate is 45%.” It would make it easier to know which road to take, what goal to work towards. Of course, it means that I want the guarantee to success before I even try! We all constantly talk about how we are going to enjoy the journey that is our life and not obsess about the destination. How many of us do? I find it really hard. I want to enjoy each day rather than impatiently wait for  a point in time when I can yell, “Cut, everything is now perfect in my life! Let’s freeze this moment!.” And to a certain extent, I do- I cherish the time spent with family and friends and especially with the kids- but I would feel so much better if I learnt to do that in all areas of life. Thoughts? How do you do this?- Priya


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9 thoughts on “Are you enjoying the journey?

  1. Hi Priya, I echo your sentiments. I feel like this constantly. But, I have benefited greatly when I try to not expect happiness/ or that sense of fulfillment in every single aspect of my life in every single day. If I experience 1 or 2 fleeting moments of happiness daily, I feel totally rejuvenated. Mindfulness is also something I am trying hard to practice, which has been helping me a great deal.

    1. Nitya, when you write “sense of fulfillment in every single aspect of my life”, I realize that is what I am expecting. Such an entitled sentiment! Thank you 🙂

  2. Greetings, this comment marks my first since you have moved from blogger. I wanted to thank you for your candour in this post, which I identify with, though my thought was: even with more security this same questionning occurs, how interesting. One might thus conclude that such questionning about paths has less to do with what one has in life or where they are but with a certain mindset – perhaps also of the imaginative dreamer. I often wonder about the choices I make. Your post reminded me that I also thought very carefully about setting off for where I am now. It may be that one thinks that by questionning one can be wise and protected from pitfalls, but that seems not to be the case. It may be that one lets one’s imagination out to wander down other paths, but one cannot walk as far as the imagination can go. It is beautiful to have that ability, it keeps one open though being open is painful (e.g. by not walking down a path saying ‘this is the only one for me’ one will be more aware of the cost of any mistakes-weighed in terms of other paths). I deal with this ‘pain’ by tellong myself that if I continue to stay open-by letting my imagination go out and ‘catch’ a broad range of affinities-but keep working at the tasks that seem to be ‘given’ to me, the other affinities will one day have a chance to blossom. It will be a unique blossoming because it will be the rare combination of all my gifts, and no one will expect what I will be able to bring together because it won’t come from a mould. In other words, I think by picking one path but remembering the others and longing for them one will be able to unite them eventually. I hope this makes sense-I can’t really edit it because the comment box is too small for checking what I’ve already written; anyway this is just my two cents (if a little too wordy!) Thank you for your post!

    1. Ane, It’s true that there are paths on which our imagination can travel further than we can and that some pitfalls and twists can be foreseen (by you or by those around you) while others are completely unexpected. I am doing something similar to your approach which is taking on the tasks that are assigned to me and at the same time casting out lures to see what else is there. My worry is, am I being safe and hedging my bets instead of going all out after one dream? Thank you for supporting and switching with me!

      1. I read your comment again 🙂 and had one more thought to add- that all the paths will unite to make a unique ‘whole’ would be the most wonderful outcome and how lovely if all of us are able to do that!

  3. Ane: Wonderfully said!As I read through this post (once again :)) and these comments, I am reminded of one of my favorite poems, The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost.

  4. Dear Priya and Nitya, how much I hope that each of our paths less travelled bear fruit; may they, at least, afford a beautiful journey. What beautiful words are contained in this most relevant post.
    An author in a book I began recently (As We Were: A Victorian Peepshow – also available on observes how rare it is for a person to possess at once common sense and imagination. Maybe hedging bets is also called common sense? (What stimulating conversation.)
    It was so lovely to chat with you both – almost as if over a virtual mug of chai!

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