Jewelry by Sanskara Designs/Collectivitea

Hello to must-have jewelry from Sanskara Designs!  It promises to be a clear, sunny and hot day here in the SF Bay area, and we are finding refuge in the cool blues of  jewelry by  Sanskara Designs. This piece is from their collection Indigo Dreams inspired by the nomadic tribes of Africa. It reminds us of inviting blue waters nestled into rocky, secluded beaches- which is where we’d like to be this July Monday! You can see more of Sanskara Designs’s collection at their Facebook page here. The pieces are handmade with gemstones of many types and you can buy from their existing collection or have a bespoke item made just for you. Get in touch with Sanskara Designs and chase away your drab Monday blues with these beautiful shades!

Jewelry by Sanskara Designs/Collectivitea


Images credit/copyright: Sanskara Designs

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  1. Suchitra

    Such a beautifully described post, Priya! I absolutely love every piece of Sanskara Designs, there is a lot of honesty and passion in each of them.

  2. Josephine Nirmala

    Thank you so much Priya for this absolutely soulful write up. I am truly touched by your generosity of words and your appreciation of my art.