Wood Blocks for Printing/Collectivitea

Wood block printing! Can we ever have enough? It’s a glorious, sunny morning here in our corner of the SF Bay area! The kids and I are taking the day off – we are going to lunch and then to the park to see my older son fly the quadrocopter that he built this summer. And then on to the craft store because we are going try printing with wood block prints! I am going to follow the tips that artist Kavita Gandhi generously shared in our anniversary issue way back in December 2013. There are still days left to summe,r and if you want to try it too, I have a clipping here for you. Just pin it to your Pinterest board, so that you have it for when you are ready. What are we making? We are going to try printing on paper first and see if we can make some beautiful art for a gallery wall I am working on.

Wood Block Printing/ Collectivitea

Wood Block Printing/ Collectivitea

Wood Block Printing/ Collectivitea Wood Blocks Printing/ Collectivitea


All images credit/copyright: Studio Collectivitea

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