Rigama/ CollectiviteaI want to introduce you to a new brand today, Rigama, that is based out of the SF Bay area. The woman behind it is Revathi Narayanan, a multitalented powerhouse of energy. She is a trained classical singer and teacher, she creates clay-based jewelry and dolls (think Navaratri, people), is a fervent believer of DIY and upcycling and is on her way to becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Rigama/ CollectiviteaThis is what she has to say about herself, “My loves in life are family, music and creating beautiful things out of any kind of material – paper, wood, clay, plastic. I love upcycling and have several upcycled articles around the house and yard. Rigama was born through inspiration from color, terra cotta art and artisans worldwide. I am inspired by everyday things. If I dine at a restaurant and love an entree, I want to deconstruct it and try it at home, of course to varying levels of success! Similarly with art and decor – I fell in love with terracotta jewelry and intended to shop for some before a family wedding. Inspired by the designs I saw online I decided to give it a try with polymer clay.

Rigama/ CollectiviteaWhat started out as a hobby for jewelry slowly evolved into dolls for Navaratri and then into an entrepreneurial venture as Rigama. I sell through the Etsy shop as well as through Facebook and personal interactions. I do undertake custom orders, where one may specify colors and overall style, while leaving the creative content to me.  Rigama jewelry ranges in price from $8.00 to $150.00, depending on size, material, sets or individual pieces and intricacy involved.

Rigama/ Collectivitea

I learn and teach Hindustani music to children. I teach the traditional gayaki style of music. My goal in life is to make music reach as many children as possible and kindle a fire in them for ‘any’ genre of music that resonates with them. Toward this end, I’ve kick-started a musical flash mob with a bunch of child singers I know, and blended several genres of music – Indian film music, Indian classical, Western pop and rock music. The ‘NEON BEASTS’ as they’ve dubbed themselves, will be doing several street performances around the SF Bay Area this summer. .. My hope for ‘NEON BEASTS’ is to have it mushroom in communities across the world, embrace kids and teachers of all backgrounds, grow to include various genres of music and become a ‘music’ movement, spreading joy to everyone who witnesses it. Will be a nice bonus if some of these children blossom into musicians as well! “- Revathi Narayanan

Rigama/ Once Upon A Tea Time

Revathi’s clay dolls range from Indian mythological characters to Greek, Egyptian and Aztec gods and goddesses. For all those of you that are already looking around for gifts for all the festive occasions that are coming up and dolls for Navaratri, please do email Revathi at repanch@gmail.com and visit her Facebook page and Etsy stores so that you can get your custom orders in early.

Rigama/ Once Upon A Tea Time
Rigama/ Once Upon A Tea Time

All photographs credit: Studio Collectivitea

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