Dvibhumi/ CollectiviteaI don’t know how I missed finding out about Dvibhumi so far but having found them, I have to share them here. They are a jewelry label out of Singapore that works with silver to create contemporary pieces. I like all of their collections so far, be it the Bali-inspired Ayu, the Islamic architecture-influenced Vibhuti or, my personal favorite, the Kutcheri collection that draws its inspiration from the style of the south Indian Carnatic music divas (pictured above and immediately below).

Dvibhumi/CollectiviteaI am drawn to Dvibhumi because they are one of those brands that draws on cultural heritage and builds on it to create a contemporary classic. I love the work! There is also plenty of contrast within the label- the matte, almost glowing white finish of the Vibhuti pieces, the corrugated and tactile-friendly surfaces of the Ayu. I imagine that the Kutcheri line was inspired by the flashy gold and diamonds of the female music divas of the Carnatic music genre and to see them reinterpreted in cool silver and yet retaining the original ornamentation, shapes and even the haughtiness is just wonderful! So do check out Dvibhumi- like their tagline says, Born of Asia, Goes Everywhere- so they do ship worldwide.

All images credit/copyright: Dvibhumi

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