Aiming for happy/ Collectivitea
What is the one thing that you make time for every day or every week? For many people that’s exercise and/ or meditation, for others, it’s hanging out with friends. Sometimes it’s an art or craft form – music, dance, painting, pottery, to name just a few. What is your ‘one thing’? For me, it’s blogging every day, and spending time with my camera and some beautiful textiles at least 2-3 times a week. I have two boys, one in high school and the other in 5th grade, and between my work and their school and activity schedules, life can get pretty overwhelming. I used to let myself get overwhelmed too, as I was aiming for things to be perfect all the time. I am aiming for ‘happy’ instead of ‘perfect’ these days! Blogging brings me so much joy and to see, and be amongst, so much color, art and creativity makes me come alive and it makes the rest of my day go by that much better. And I  make time to spend with a load of vintage textiles and my camera- seeing patterns that I didn’t see at the first (or second) glance, shades of color that change with the light, amazement at human ingenuity and creativity- all these lift my day from the mundane to the magical. Do share what is the one thing that makes you happy!

Image credit/copyright: Studio Collectivitea

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