CollectiviteaIt has long been my goal that the website be a platform for sharing beauty in thought, action and creation. One of the primary motivations was that I could showcase people doing amazing things – whether they were creating beautiful objects or starting an organization carrying out beautiful deeds. That may sound like hyperbole, but it is something I passionately believe in. Whether it is The Grateful Garment Project or Maitri based here in California, Erna Grasz and the Asante Africa Foundation, the artworks of Aarohi Singh and Dithi Chakrabortty or an entrepreneur with a brilliant idea/product  we have featured diverse and amazing people, works and organizations on the blog and magazine. Which is why  I want to post about an organization I was introduced to over the weekend- Suchetadhama. They are an organization that strives to provide care for elderly individuals, especially those suffering from dementia and other neurodegenerative illnesses. They are located in Bengaluru, India.  Suchetadhama is a charitable, medical trust and from their website,”Each member of this founding group has hands-on experience of caring for persons with dementia, either in the role of a family caregiver, physician or both. We believe that the collective experience we have acquired while developing and imparting care will be invaluable in promoting quality care for persons with dementia and an improved quality of life for caregiversOur shared experience also brought into sharp focus the paucity of awareness and knowledge of challenges related to aging, and of care and support for those impacted by age-related illnesses, especially dementia.” They have a network of volunteers, counsellors, therapists and other caregivers to offer support for the affected individuals and their families. Readers of Once Upon A Tea Time are scattered all over the world, with the majority in the United States, closely followed by India and I am hoping that sharing this here will help spread awareness about the work of this organization. If you are interested in learning more, please do visit their website. Thank you for reading!

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  1. shanters

    Thank you so much Priya for writing about Suchetadhama on your blog and supporting our cause. It’s one that comes from the depths of my heart as I experience it on a daily basis – my mother has been suffering from a form of dementia for the last 15 years. Suchetadhama is a way through which I honour both her and my father who was her primary caregiver for a long time before her passed on.

    We are a tiny, very young organization and we want to contribute in a big way to creating awareness and empathy among young folk for the elderly and advocating on behalf of the elderly and their caregivers.

    Thank you again!