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Holistic Success

Holistic Success/Collectivitea

Deciding on the spur of the moment (literally) to launch a small business has been a lesson  like no other. I have blogged about my impatience in undertaking the journey and the severe case of “Are We There Yet?” that I am prone to. On the surface, our paths look so different but we all want pretty much the same thing- to be happy. To be happy and financially secure- even better!  To be happy, to help others on the way, and to be financially secure- the best option! So I thought it would be nice if we could give each other company as we work towards our goals, however disparate they may be. For today’s first post on (long title alert!) ‘Taking the path to holistic success together, I thought I would share with you the first lesson that I have learnt from my experience so far. Here it is: It’s most important to have faith in yourself. We’ve all heard this before in some form or the other. What do I mean by it? Believe in what you are capable of and work towards learning what you don’t know yet. I am not saying that you discard sound business practice, or fly in the face of rational thinking or not weigh the pros and cons of starting something new but you have to first believe in yourself and your ideas before others can or will. I have decided that I am not going to let fear rule my decisions.  If you care strongly enough about something- insert idea, program, product, anything– and know that you will regret not trying, then believe in yourself and take the first step. You don’t have to have it all figured out (I know I don’t) and no one starts with a guarantee that they will be handed everything they want but you do have to start. The old me would have wanted to wait to write this post after the magazine went viral and thousands of people had already bought it and I could write this article from the vantage point of success.  But the new me has learnt that the journey is worth savoring and that small steps lead to bigger leaps. And that sharing it with others makes it even better.  I would love to hear from you. Do join the conversation because there is so much we can learn from each other. If this post is popular, I would love to make it a weekly occurrence where we could share practical tips as well as support each others journey- I have a whole series planned including posts on  keeping track of budgets and learning to ask people for help and I would love to share it with you here.

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10 thoughts on “Holistic Success”

  1. Deepika says:

    Oh Priya , I am a first time commentator and this is just what I needed , thankyou so much for writing this .. I recently quit a job that pays to pursue The creative spark . I have been struggling with self doubt , doubts about expansion , fearing I’m biting more than I chew . I am looking forward to reading your posts and not letting my fears pull me down .. Since I’ve started earning my bread from this small business , I’ve learnt the importance of planning , thorough research and quality .. Be it content or product .. I haven’t still figured out where this will take me or how I want to move forward , but careful curation is also what I’m focussing on to keep my shop , hopefully a brand true to reflect my taste .

    1. Priya@OnceUponATeaTime says:

      Hi Deepika, thank you for writing in. In my experience, the doubts and fear are just part of the process and actually help by making you take a closer look at what you may feel are your weaker points and that you want to strengthen. Working from a set of 3 lists has really helped me- 1 for today, 1 for the next 10-15 days and the third, my goals for 3-6 months. Happy to have you here!

  2. lulu says:

    I think its a great idea priya – thank you for a wonderful blog – regards lulu

  3. Meera says:

    You make a great point about the journey versus the destination. So many of us are reluctant to start a new journey because the destination (success or failure) is not known. Rarely do we read or talk about the journey as we undertake it. That is where the greatest learning is probably. It where the most reality resides. Things like- you are in the middle of your journey, and you have an expected event, expense, hurdle. What have others done to get over it, what resources may be available are usually unknown. In the success stories we hear, the journey is always romanticized. I hope you will continue this series.

    1. Priya@OnceUponATeaTime says:

      Hi Meera, I think entrepreneurship is a peculiar beast in that you have a lot of time to savor the journey! Frankly, I expect to be doing this- blogging and publishing a magazine- for a very long time because I love it and can’t imagine not continuing. We just have to remember that it’s a marathon and not a sprint 🙂

  4. Raji says:

    Hi priya!!

    Coming from somebody who is super creative and passionate about what she does, the tips are going to be very useful and insightful!
    Looking forward to them!

    Priya of OUATT and self doubt???!!! Nah! All the posts in the blog and magazine oozes confidence!!! 🙂
    Keep up the good work!

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