Rebecca Plotnick Photography/ Once Upon A Tea Time

This post is an ode to two of my most favorite things to do, preferably together- photography and travel. I have been following photographer Rebecca Plotnick on Instagram for a while now as she traveled from Chicago to Paris and now, parts of Italy. Her daily shares of chasing the light in Paris or exploring the Positano coast make my day more beautiful because not only is Rebecca a gifted photographer, she is also a storyteller, a combination that is hard to beat. The internet has done two opposite things- one, it has made it easy to access and enjoy far-flung parts of the world without moving an inch. Just open Instagram and you can see how the coast along Big Sur, California shimmered in the sunrise this morning or enjoy the view across the southern African bushveld or see what flowers were at the markets in Paris. It’s wonderful and adds a dose of joy and wonder to my day. But at the same time, the internet also introduces massive temptation on an hourly basis – to leave behind everything and to travel like a nomad and experience all the wonders the world has to offer. All through the year, and not just during the summer. Le SIGH! You can see Rebecca’s Instagram feed here, read about her journeys and buy prints of her photographs here.

Image credit/copyright: Rebecca Plotnick Photography


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