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Another conversation over a cup of tea! I want to share with you one of the curious (but totally welcome) effects of running this blog. You may know that I love finding and photographing these vintage and new tapestries from the Indian subcontinent- typically, they are about 4×6 or 5×7 feet, made up of several colors and are extensively embroidered and embellished with mirrors, sequins and beads. They are widely available in so-called ’emporiums’ and galleries across India and neighboring countries.  If you grew up in any of these places, you may have seen so many of them that they don’t look anything out of the ordinary. In fact, you may even dismiss them as old-fashioned. To me, they resemble the view from an airplane- like green fields stitched together with roads connecting  houses, and schools in villages. I used to collect them with great enthusiasm and look for tapestries in unusual colors. After nearly 7 years of blogging, I have stopped. They still fascinate me and I am always ready with my camera but that’s all. It’s enough to be allowed to photograph them and then I can let them go. And it’s not just the textiles- the urge to shop and own {insert item of choice}has lessened to a degree that I can blog, share and move on. Given my line of work, I probably spend more of my time on the internet than many of you but I am curious to hear what your experiences have been- how do you think the internet has changed you?Vintage Textiles/ Over A Cup Of Tea/ Collectivitea

Image credits: Studio Collectivitea

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  1. Nancy Carr

    The internet has changed my life tremendously. When I was in high school and in my early working years we did not even have electric typewriters, so you can imagine the changes I at age 68 have seen. I am sure many people older than I am have seen even more changes. I have a neck and back injury and am limited to what I can physically do. Thank God I have always loved to type and know how to use a computer while sitting in my ergonomic chair. I read many blogs daily and yours is one that is so fascinating to me because I am introduced to items and places I probably will never be able to go see for myself. I love tapestries especially ethnic items and collect them when I can. I have come to the point in my life where I am downsizing and planning a move back to the states, so I am much more selective about what I purchase now. Sometimes I see something so beautiful I know it will fit perfectly in my new home. I usually buy it then. I also save files and photos from the internet of ideas I want to do when I get moved This saves me from having paper files to lug around. I love doing research on the internet, too. It is exciting to see what new ideas are borne and new techniques, and I just hope I can keep up with them. Thank you for sharing your gift of this blog. Blessings

  2. Geeta vora

    That’s a great way to describe. Come to think of it each every woven fabric has a story revolved around it. And seeing these old embroidered fabrics , you imagine these ladies sitting in their spare time , gossiping & working on these. Olden times most of them used to make their dowry like this