Gallery Wall Inspiration/ Collectivitea

Looking for some gallery wall inspiration? Last August, after my trip to Mumbai, I returned home with some new artwork- embossed metal art, textile paintings and some art prints. I was also obsessing over the color terracotta that I’d seen so much of on my trip. I combined all the things I was inspired by,  India, terracotta reds, earthy greens, and discreet accents of dull gold, and came up with a gallery wall that is still my favorite place in the entire house. I find spending a weekend afternoon with a pot of chai, some music, and a blank wall to be covered with art, very relaxing.  Yes?

Gallery Wall Inspiration/ CollectiviteaGallery Wall Inspiration/ Collectivitea

The art was a mixture of miniature style paintings, lithographs, and prints, as well as botanical drawings, and even though the artwork was diverse in theme/ subjects, all of them were tied together by color.

Gallery Wall Inspiration/ Collectivitea Gallery Wall Inspiration/ Collectivitea Gallery Wall Inspiration/ Collectivitea

Image credit/copyright Studio Collectivitea.

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