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Over a cup of tea/ COLLECTIVITEA

August is birthday month for me and every year, I write a post about how my year has been and what I’ve learned. (Kind of a state of my life post) It’s one of my more popular posts and it serves as a reminder that  this a blog with an amazing community around it- people who I have known virtually for nearly 8 years, and whether they read the blog everyday, frequently or sporadically, someone always pops in with a comment or email to remind me what has kept me blogging all these years. The companionship and support of people who appreciate creativity, enterprise and all things beautiful! So, how was the year? It was complicated. I would love to say that I bravely explored all the options and paths available to me and chose the best one, but I can’t. Because this was one of those years where there was only one direction to move- straight ahead! That said, I’ve had tremendous amounts of fun and I like the person I’ve become- I think before I speak, am kind and try my best. ( haha, sounds like an ad on a dating site!) Here is a list of things I’ve learnt…

1) Life just gets better in your 40s! I turned 43 this month and I’ve got to tell you, I am having the time of my life. I’ve worked really hard for as far as I can remember and while it’s easy to brood on any number of things that didn’t work out the way I wanted it to, life looks and feels better once you decide, “Above all, be the heroine of your life, not the victim.”- Nora Ephron. Keep remembering that and the 40s is another decade to do your best and shine.

2) The 40’s are also the time you start thinking about lines and wrinkles- I don’t care about these as much, as long as many of those lines showed up on my face because I smiled or laughed too much.

3) Don’t stoop to condescension. No one likes to be condescended to. If someone is condescending, it tells you about their limitations. Let them go. Similarly, don’t be so quick to judge. You have no idea what is going in someone else’s life.

4) Life is easier if you just focus on doing your best at that moment- whether it’s blowing bubbles with your toddler, writing the next page in your book or taking a photograph, being your best self at a meeting at work, or being present in a conversation over a cup of chai– just focus on that moment. Everybody tells us this, but it bears repeating- try it today.

5) It’s so hard to find time to read, but nothing beats being immersed in a book. Nothing. I am reading almost as much as I used to back in my teens and 20’s and quoting Nora Ephron again, “Reading is one of the main things I do. Reading is everything. Reading makes me feel I accomplished something, became a better person. Reading makes me smarter. Reading gives me something to talk about later on.”  Because it’s always nice to have conversations that talk (ugh, pun unintended) about books rather than anything else.

I think my previous years’ lists have been longer, but 2014-15 has been the year that I like to think I found the one missing piece of the puzzle, the one I have, consciously or unconsciously, been looking for. I thought I need this thing or that event to happen for me to be happy. Nah, I can choose to be happy every day and  “Not to spoil the ending for you, but everything is going to be ok.”

I always look forward to hearing from you. Write in and tell me how your year is going!- Priya

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9 thoughts on “43, Over A Cup Of Tea

  1. First of all I love that blue tea pot. I feel my 40’s were when I was in my prime. I am way beyond that and even went back to school at 50 and became a minister and was ordained in 2000. In my 50’s my ministry took me to Puerto Rico where I still live. My house is for sale, and I look forward to moving near my grandson in the states next. It has all been good. Last year I read that the happiest year of our lives is age 69. I am almost there and hope to be relocated with my three dogs by my 69th next February. I am considering going back to school and have more ideas of things I want to do yet and hope I live long enough to accomplish them. What I can share that may be of value is the two most important characteristics in life are total honesty and gratitude. There really is karma, and total honesty and being the best human I can has blessed me with so many wonderful experiences. I am grateful for everything in my life even if it did not look positive at the moment, there was a divine plan in place and God/Universe/Creative Energy/Creator came through for me. Blessings and Happy Birthday! Rev. Dr. Nancy Carr, Vieques, Puerto Rico

  2. Hey there…its been a while, but i wanted to wish you a very happy happy birthday. A lovely post and so much truth I probably needed to hear. I have an anxiety as I approach 40 which I can’t understand or shake – i’m hoping I’ll get to that place of gratitude and unfiltered happieness. Hope your year ahead is awesome.

  3. As always, lovely and heartfelt post. This year, i am glad that i went back to my art, making slow but steady progress, and thinking of one exhibition of my paintings in the coming year. Keeping fingers crossed

  4. Happy 43rd birthday Priya. . All of life’s best to u .. I love that we’ve connected through your great Once upon a tea time mag.. have a fab year .. xx health happiness and good fortune coming in abundance xx j

  5. Happy Birthday to you! The perfect post for the perfect Birthday Girl. Love you writing, your amazing curated world and everything about your teatime stories. You make 40 sound cool…

  6. Happy birthday Priya….
    40 and growing is an amazing number. Suddenly you realise ,it’s all about you now. And the rest of the world can go sip their tea under the blistering barnacles?????
    It’s all about accepting life and a few grey hairs and laughing wholeheartedly…
    And if anyone has a problem…whatever!
    It’s now my time in the sun…
    Love the tea pot btw

  7. Happy Birthday Priya. I turned 40 last year and did a happy dance (still dancing). I always knew 40s are going to be fabulous. I am looking at a much happier decade ahead. I live in the moment a lot more than before. I spent the last weekend chasing butterflies with my 5 year old and could not have been happier 🙂

    I love your work and off course the tea pot 🙂

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