5 New Must-Visit Links For The Textile Lover/ Collectivitea

1.I have one last post for today’s edition of Textile Tuesday! If you remember, last week I’d shared a list of exhibitions and museums that I’d like to visit. I want to add one more interesting exhibit, the Feminist Fiber Art in Boston. Unlike the others that I had mentioned, this one is a traveling fiber art exhibit presented by the Iris Nectar Studio and part of its premise is to correct the under-representation of women artists in exhibitions and collections at many museums and to empower women. If you are in Massachusetts, go!

2. Last week, many people pointed the Calico Museum in Ahmedabad in India as a must-visit for anyone interested in the history of textiles. I am going to back to Ahmedabad for this alone. If you aren’t planning a visit anytime soon, do head over to the museum’s website  to take a virtual look at the galleries and also, the museum’s online store has some beautiful posters, among other things. If you are a block printing aficionado, there is the Anokhi Museum Of Hand Printing in Jaipur, India– they have a new site and among their current exhibitions is one on the city of Sanganer and its association with block printing as well as American Rebecca Layton’s contemporary take on this traditional art form. I’ve lived outside India for so long now (19 years) that it’s time to make a trip just to get to know its cities again.

3. I want to point to the online repository Textile Artist which showcases the work of artists along with interviews and information about their upcoming exhibits.

4. Yumiko Higuchi’s embroidery work is the stuff of legend and you have probably pinned or bookmarked her work on the internet. They are so beautiful! I can’t sew to save my life but the pictures I could take of this work…

5.Modern reimagining of traditional Guatemalan textiles at Luna*Zorro! Founder Molly Berry’s stories of life in Guatemala and of the weavers always brings on a serious case of the wanderlust. Add the beautiful textiles and you just to want to be there!

Image credits/copyright: Studio Collectivitea

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