Neelanjana GhoseI love what I’m about to share today because it’s beautiful on so many counts. Neelanjana Ghose runs an eponymous fashion, costume and home furnishing label that centers around the beautiful kantha work from the state of Bengal in India. They make all kinds of fabric products, from clothing to accessories for the home. I was introduced to the work of Neelanjana by her daughter, Anandi Ghose. She sent me an email that was so eloquent that I want to share parts of it here. “I would like to put in a word for my mother Neelanjana Ghose. She has been passionately and quite selflessly working for the last 20 years to keep alive, and further develop, the Bengali art of Kantha. I say develop because as you know, it is incredibly difficult to sustain any folk art form in its original form. It’s a constant effort to strike that balance in keeping it authentic and bending it to contemporary sensibilities to keep it alive. She picked up the threads (literally!) from her National Award winning mother Sreelata Sarkar, who is credited to have revived the traditional art of Kantha and imbibe it to more functional and fashionable items. Neelanjana has exhibited her creations all over the world and participated in shows with Wendell Rodricks and Bibi Russell. Neelanjana has also been a much-respected costume designer for award-winning films directed by her husband Goutam Ghose and other Bengali directors. …I really want to put my extremely shy and reticent mother’s brilliant work out there in the world in a way, I believe, she deserves.” After that very persuasive email, I had to take a look at the work. As you may know, I am a huge fan of the kantha work, and especially of a sophisticated edit of this handcrafted tradition. What a pleasure it must have been to photograph these gorgeous pieces!Neelanjana Ghose

Neelanjana Ghose

Neelanjana Ghose

Neelanjana Ghose

It’s sheer poetry in thread and colors and you can see more of the beautiful products from Neelanjana Ghose at their website here.

Image credits/copyright: Neelanjana Ghose

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  1. Memom

    Thank you for the lovely post. As usual you are celebrating the person who is celebrating the art of KANTHA work.ofcourse all are gorgeous piece of bright colors, meticulous work& beautiful design.