The One Place You Have To Visit/ Wanderlust Wednesday/Maui/

Wanderlust Wednesday! Everyone has lists of places that they want to travel to. There are iconic destinations such as Agra in India to see the Taj Mahal, San Francisco to see the Golden Gate bridge, the Big Ben In London (to name just two or three in a very long line of famous places and attractions)- these are probably on most people’s’ lists. It’s like  a to-do list that we have to check. Literally, been there, done that! But we also have that one place that we really, really want to visit. It may or may not be famous. Maybe there is a personal connection. Intense curiosity. Or it’s the one place you want to go back to again and again. For me, right now, it’s Venice, Italy. I want to be there, with my vastly improved photography skills, and capture the glow of the water, the gleaming domes of the cathedrals- I can go on and on but if I could get on a plane today and just go, I would pick Venice. The last time we were in Italy, I was outvoted because three members of our party of four picked Pompeii in the south as our must-visit destination before we headed home.  If you could pick one place that you really want to visit right now, today, where would you go?

Image credit: Maui, Hawaii 2014/Studio Collectivitea. This scene from Maui, Hawaii always reminds me of the Italian coast. Did  you know that the frangipani trees (seen in the photo and ubiquitous in Hawaii) is thought to derive its name from an Italian marquis?

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