OUATT Marketplace/ Once Upon A Tea Time

September is here and I have updates to all things OUATT. First, the response to the idea of a marketplace has been overwhelming and so positive. I am so happy and proud to be part of this community of amazing people. The response also meant that I had to go back and rethink how we were going to set this market up. Where the blog and the magazine will figure in all of this. Here’s what I’ve come up with- our website will stay here and house the blog, the magazine and the marketplace. So, a one-stop creative destination, where you can read the blog, listen to the wonderful radio episodes in our magazine (the next issue has 2 episodes!) and shop for curated content in our marketplace. We are working with some perfect-for-OUATT organizations supporting the work of artisan communities around the world and also with small business owners and hopefully, can bring to fruition the kind of marketplace that you and I would love to shop at- a global bazaar where you stop at every store, chat and pick what you like and you marvel at the colors and the patterns and all that creativity.

OUATT Marketplace/ Once Upon A Tea TimeWe’ve received inquiries from artists, vendors associated with block printing, weaving, pottery, vintage and handcrafted jewelry, clothing, accessories and all kinds of other items. So what started out as a small project has turned into a very big snowball and I am really excited to see how this moves forward. Many people wrote asking what will happen to the blog- you know me, I have to write every day (or almost every day), so the blog and I will be here. The magazine will be here too and with this issue, we take one more step closer to what I want the magazine to be. A full-fledged radio magazine with longer audio conversations, so that reading the magazine feels like sitting with chai, with your friends. 
OUATT Marketplace/ Once Upon A Tea Time

The good news is the new website layout will soon be ready and our newsletter with rates and other details to all those who have indicated interest will go out right after the Labor Day weekend. I know many of you have been waiting, but there were so many details to iron out that it’s taken us some time to figure everything out. If you have any questions, do feel free to write to me or my team at studio@onceuponateatime.com. Remember, the OUATT audience is from around the world and loves products with a global flavor, so do reach out to us and introduce your work to find out if we will be a good fit. Have a wonderful day and I’ll be back later!

Image credits: The OUATT office/ Studio OUATT


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  1. Kanika Bahl

    This is wonderful news Priya, I have been a big fan of Once Upon a Tea Time forever. It would be lovely to have Anek Designs featured in your Marketplace if you think they fit. Would love to hear from you and discuss further.

    Wishing you the very best!