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Art, Creatives+ Creative Entrepreneurs / Sunday, November 29th, 2015

Deccan Footprints is the brainchild of Manvee Vaid who I’d interviewed for the ouatt magazine a few months ago and you can read her story below.

Manvee Vaid/ Collectivitea
Manvee Vaid is an art curator based in Chicago, Illinois who has made it her life’s mission to promote and support the contemporary folk and tribal arts of India. She has been exhibiting her art collection in and around Chicago since 2009. “It was in 2012 that I established Deccan Footprints, an online art gallery that gives voices to folk, tribal and other emerging contemporary artists. I realized that the history, the artist’s journey, the stories and the ethos of the paintings often gets overlooked at the visual level. I wanted to make Indian art accessible, promote dialogue, introspection, and inquisitiveness in Indian art to new audiences. Fortunately, I have been able to exhibit at several venues, including the University of Chicago, College of DuPage, the University of Massachusetts, and so on. For me it has been a personal journey – an attempt to understand the different styles and purposes of the art of India and my own heritage. So, while it is useful to know why these pictures were painted, it is essential that we also understand both those for whom they were painted, and the artists who painted them. Unless we do so, we cannot fully appreciate what makes them special.” Deccan Footprints offers original folk and tribal art from various regions of India for sale.

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