Once Upon A Tea Time

Hello! It’s a lovely, gray fall morning as I type this. It’s raining quietly and it’s beautiful- the kind of weather that is perfect to update you on all things. Let’s start with the marketplace- yes, all of us are waiting impatiently for it to open its doors. (Are we there yet??) So many of you have sent emails and left messages all over social media- thank you for your enthusiasm and support! To be honest, if I’d understood the sheer complexity of the venture, I would’ve hesitated to open a marketplace- but, as with many things in life, sometimes you just have to figure it out on your way there. So! The marketplace is on track to open soon, but there are some last-minute, technical details that my web development team is ironing out. You know you will be the first to know once we throw open the doors, so hold on to that enthusiasm and we will be there soon.

Once Upon A Tea TimeThanks to the overwhelm-fest that October and the preceding months were, I wasn’t able to blog regularly and I have truly missed it. Blogging is such an essential part of my morning, much like that first cup of tea, and not having time to do it has left me feeling uninspired and wondering what the point of it all is. As a business owner, making financial sense is very important, but of equal importance to me, is that I follow my heart and stay true to what I really want to do- share with you the amazingly creative people that I get to meet every day. Their voices. Their talents. Their creativity and entrepreneurial skills. Their beautiful homes. I can go on. My first love will always be blogging, so, here’s to blogging every day.

Once Upon A Tea Time

The three themes of my year have been patience, persistence and resilience. It’s been tough and messy but also beautiful and inspiring- I’ve found reserves of energy and courage that I didn’t know I had, and I am so happy to be at this juncture, and on this road. Let’s have a wonderful rest of the year because, you know, the best is yet to come!

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