ouatt magazine/ Early November 2015Let’s head into the week with another episode of ouatt radio. Aarohi Singh is an Indian artist known for her immense talent and wide-ranging, artistic repertoire.  She has graced the cover of the ouatt magazine in the past but all the times we have featured her, the focus has been on her art. Yes, she works with different media like pastels, watercolors, oils and acrylics and on a multitude of surfaces, from buckets and kettles to small and large canvases, and even furniture. Her art is singular, striking and carries immense, emotional impact. But today we widen the focus from Aarohi Singh the artist, to Aarohi, mom-of-two, the passionate entrepreneur, savvy businesswoman and tireless supporter of the causes she believes in. Apart from the art commissions that she takes on, Aarohi runs two label lines, the Art By Aarohi featuring limited-edition, derivative works of her original art and The Poonchh Collection that is inspired by her love for dogs. One of the things I want to focus on over and above my usual work is to do something where I give back. I am all for helping out and paying it forward. I don’t have money lying around to give away but I do have some skill that can be used to generate funds ….. ‘The Poonchh Collection’ is one such endeavor, an effort to help out and not give a hand out. 50% of all profits in perpetuity from the sale of this collection will go to support stray and abandoned dogs.” – Aarohi Singh

Art By Aarohi label/ Aarohi Singh/ Once Upon A Tea Time Pooch Label/ Aarohi Singh/ Once Upon A Tea Time

                 Poonch Collection by Aarohi Singh


You can learn more about Aarohi Singh and her work at her website and shop for these products at the Art By Aarohi store.


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