Hand Painted Petite Lanterns/ Inclusive World/ Once Upon A Tea Time                                               Hand-painted petite terra-cotta lanterns 

Today is Giving Tuesday (#GivingTuesday), a day that is dedicated to giving back and we ‘d like to showcase Inclusive World, an organization based here in the SF Bay Area that works with differently-abled youth and provides them with support and training. “Inclusive World works with teens and youth of all intellectual levels. Rather than focus on the details of their diagnosis, it addresses their interests and areas of improvement that can help them lead productive lives. Inclusive World strives to help them achieve an independent lifestyle that includes a satisfying career and lifelong hobbies to complement…” Inclusive World has a storefront on the OUATT market and they sell block printed bags, terra-cotta lamps etc., that the kids create and these would make ideal party favors or gifts for your next occasion. In addition, by shopping at the Inclusive World, you will help the organization continue to provide professional training, workshops and support to the kids. For more information or to contact them to offer your support, visit Inclusive World. To buy products from the Inclusive World, you can visit their OUATT market store here.

Hand Block Printed Bags.5/ Inclusive World/ Once Upon A Tea Time                                                             Hand- block printed gift bags

Hand Block Printed Bags.4/ Inclusive World/ Once Upon A Tea Time

Image credits: Studio OUATT.


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