Over A Cup Of Tea/ Once Upon A Tea Time

Hello Tuesday! We in the US are back after a long weekend and it’s a lovely, rainy day here in our corner of Northern California. Though running OUATT has significantly blurred the difference between weekdays and weekends! In fact, my goal for 2016 is to achieve a work-life balance – something I talk about in the upcoming issue of the ouatt magazine (To all magazine readers and subscribers- thank you for your patience while I get this issue out. I’ve had some challenges but it will be out this week) But this post is about the fact that we’ve decided to convert this room into a dining room- I’ve named it (chaikhana), blogged about it, shared hundreds of pictures on Instagram because it’s my favorite part of the house. A part of me doesn’t want it to ever change.

Over A Cup Of Tea/ Once Upon A Tea Time

The light is just beautiful and the plum tree outside provides shade in the summer and light on dark, wintry days like today. But I’ve a bigger point, I promise. This room is a personal space and where I spend all my free time at home- reading, photography, daydreaming- all of us need a small space just for ourselves, right? But, I think I am now ready to convert this into a dining room (which is what it’s originally intended for) because it will mean sharing it with others. For me, that’s a huge step of coming out of a self-induced shell, being ready to spend more time with others and to invite them into what is a deeply personal space. Sometimes the small changes we make in our lives, like being more open, are reflected in the spaces we live and that to me is so beautiful. That’s my story. I am curious about you- have you made a change or resolution that was  then reflected in every part of your life? I would love to hear your thoughts. Have a wonderful week ahead and for those of you who have been away from the computer, our pottery pop- up is ongoing and I’ve a few cups left, so grab them while you can. Over A Cup Of Tea/ Once Upon A Tea Time
Image credits/copyright: Studio OUATT.


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  1. Meera

    I will be sorry to see the “chaikhana” go. But very excited for the changes. My personal theme is to let go of the sense of permanence that I seem to create and push the boundaries of my comfort zone more. Even doing simple things like creating a new routine, or placing things around the home in new vignettes, going places on my own, putting myself out there more. The struggle is real!

  2. dsouzavi

    Priya, recently I’ve felt that it is as much about roots as wings. The roots give you that grounding and sense of permanence. But the wings help you get out and experience new things and thus further nurture the roots. I have never strayed too far from my core comfort zone. But there is a zone right outside of it, I like to think of it as a stretch zone. As an introvert, it takes a lot for me to venture there, but I’ve never regretted it once I’ve journeyed there. But you are right- there is no need to venture too far out to enjoy life to its fullest. So while some day I may start blogging, I know for sure I won’t be so adventurous as to sky-dive!