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Hello! I am so excited to announce our first pop-up event! Part of my mission is to connect the amazingly talented individuals that I meet with our audience, and for our first, online pop-up event, we have gorgeous, handmade pottery from local (right here in the SF Bay Area) potter and artist, Anita Clemetson. This event starts on Sunday, Jan 17th and will run until Jan 25th, 2016 (all times are Pacific Standard Time). And what will be on offer are gorgeous chai mugs! No two are identical and that’s part of what makes them so special. I will go further and say these maybe the most perfect chai cups I’ve tried.

Anita Clemetson Handmade Pottery/Collectivitea

To give you a little background, I was at a pottery show in November and I bought some of these cups from Anita for myself because 1) they are petite, which is how chai cups should be (there is a rule book somewhere for these kinds of things); 2) they have a nice lip, which as any chai drinker knows is of the utmost importance; 3) that spirally handle is one of Anita’s trademark designs and is perfect for holding the cup and 4) they looked beautiful.  I can go on because a large part of my brain is obviously devoted to chai and the drinking of it, but I would love for all of you to come back on Sunday morning and shop for these beauties. I will share with you the story of Anita’s pottery and have (very) limited quantities of these cups/small mugs for sale in our first OUATT market pop-up event.  I am partial to chai but there is nothing to stop you from drinking whatever you want in them. This particular one below is my favorite- a matte, minty green-aqua finish with a few freckles like a robin’s egg, and that handle which reminds me of putting my hands on my hips in a dance pose.

Anita Clemetson Handmade Pottery/Collectivitea

Anita Clemetson Handmade Pottery/Collectivitea

I have two of these two-toned cups and they are perfect cups for my black pepper+ ginger chai. The cups are lead free and microwave and dishwasher-safe. We will have more pictures, Anita’s story and the cups up here at OUATT (, bright and early on Sunday. All of you’ve to do is visit us at the website and shop for your favorites.  They are priced at USD $20 (not inclusive of Taxes and Shipping.) Bookmark it and I would love it if you could share this on social media. Thanks much and see you on Sunday!

Image credits/copyright: Studio Collectivitea

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