5 Instagram Accounts To Follow/ OUATT

Happy Sunday! It’s raining as I type this and here in the US, the clocks have been set forward 1 hour which means I slept through most of the morning. Today’s post is about 5 of my current, most favorite Instagram accounts. Their subjects range from travel to baking, flowers, prints and patterns, wood working, art and entrepreneurial inspiration!

  1. Helen Dardik is an artist and illustrator and her work makes me happy! Flowers, animals and the most adorable kids figure in her art.  She posts videos of how she draws and everything about this feed is happy-making.
  2. Hope In The Woods features the work of London-based artist Luke Hope and features the most beautiful wooden spoons- there are other things that he also hand-carves but the spoons are delicate yet strong objects of beauty and bear the imprint of the artist. You have to see them to understand what I am talking about.
  3. Foundr Magazine is an entrepreneurs magazine and their Instagram account is a constant source of motivation, inspiration and ‘don’t-quit, you can do this’ advice. There are many accounts that offer this but I find Foundr to be most consistent and most energetic.
  4. StyleSweetCa is an account that should have a warning label of “Visit only if you want to drool copiously”! It’s the work of author, baker and cake designer Teresa Huff and features cakes that look amazing + links to the recipes. I am not much of a baker these days but I visit to admire, drool and bookmark for future baking sessions- especially on rainy days like today!
  5. AParisianMoment– I am not sure if I have shared this account before but no list can be complete without pictures of Paris! The photographs are by photographers Georgianna Lane and David Phillips and are like a day in Paris- precious and beautiful!

Of course, if you’d like to follow me, you can find me at Once Upon A Tea Time ( you can read about how I found a friend that I hadn’t heard from in 20 years and with whom I’d lost touch, just by chance on Instagram).

Image credit: Studio OUATT.




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