IDAM/ Once Upon A Tea Time

Happy Holi ! To celebrate the colorful festival that marks spring, the creatives  at IDAM, a print and surface design studio that specializes in contemporary lifestyle products, are giving away 2 gorgeous pillows from their latest collection: Summer Haze.  IDAM (which means ‘in the present’) offers a variety of textile designs such as tie and dye techniques, florals and hand illustrated prints and patterns. The Summer Haze collection is inspired by the splashes of color that mark Holi celebrations. Those color splashes that you see on the pillows are hand-embroidered, abstract forms and I find that so cool! This is what the team has to say about this latest collection, “Ever had the urge to just hold the paint filled brushes and splatter all across your wall? No? Well, we did. Feeling the Holi craze and wanting to colour burst the world, we decided to celebrate the festival of Holi in our own unique way. We may have restrained ourselves from wrecking our freshly painted walls, but we took to some huge white chart papers and had the best time ever. Here, have a look at how we celebrated Holi and brought Summer Haze to life in the form of embroidered art.”- Team IDAM

IDAM/ Once Upon A Tea Time

They are giving away a pair of pillows today to one lucky winner and all you need to do is visit their website and come back and tell us your favorite pattern. Bookmark IDAM because their style is über-chic and defies conventional labeling. The giveaway runs until the end of the week and is open to shipping addresses within India. Have a wonderful day!

Image credits/ copyright: IDAM


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  1. Purvi

    My absolute favourite is the Sugar Coral Cushion, it somehow reminds me of the tangy-sweet Kala-Khatta ice-candies I’ve licked in my childhood ???? Just the design to cool my summers!

  2. yoursmrinmayee

    My absolute favourites are the Apricot Blush and the Sea Mist. While the former totally reminds me of the “jujubees” we used to eat like mad in my childhood days in Hyderabad; the latter has such beautiful hues of blue and green, the combination is both bold and serene at the same time…love their work!

  3. Shilpa Kamath

    It’s so difficult to pick just one. Each of them is a visual treat! The charcoal mesh caught my eye since I’ve always been partial to black and white in clothing and home decor.

    Thank you for the opportunity to participate 🙂

  4. Miss Frangipani

    The Summer Haze series is absolutely gorgeous. The prints are so different from what one sees around today. My absolute favorite though, is the Scalloped cushion. I’m a sucker for anything that looks hand-drawn and the black/white/red combo is always a crowd-pleaser!

  5. veena

    Charcoal Triangle cushion all the way.Black and white so good together,yet so much a contrast.
    Love everything on your stick IDAM….a very tastefully crafted collection. Kudos