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Amreen Rahman/ Kala Pata/ Once Upon A Tea Time

Amreen Rahman is a Singapore-based graphic designer turned entrepreneur who founded Kala Pata, an elegant stationery and gift brand. “I became a graphic designer because I fell in love with the ‘Hiroshima appeals’ poster designed by the famous Yusaku Kamekura. To my impressionable mind, nothing was more profound than the thought of butterflies burning!!! I wanted to be able to communicate with people through images. I also owe my love for art and design to my parents and particularly to my grandmother — she nurtured my creative temperament from a very early age.  I am from Bangladesh and art is embedded in every fabric of my culture and colours and textures, a very integral part of our everyday lives.”

Kala Pata/ Once Upon A Tea Time Kala Pata/ Once Upon A Tea Time

“The name ‘Kala Pata’ is the Bengali word for “banana leaf”. The banana leaf has been used in a metaphorical sense to represent Singapore. Initially Kala Pata happened because I was searching for that “quintessential” Singaporean brand and couldn’t really find anything. This is what I was trying to solve for. But I’ve recently realised that Kala Pata, like me, doesn’t need to be restricted to a place or a city. Kala Pata is my journal through which I share stories about different cultures from around the world. Kala Pata exists to feed your wanderlust!”- Amreen Rahman

Kala Pata/ Once Upon A Tea TimeOffering a sophisticated edit of stationery, gift wrap and gifts in bold, contemporary graphic prints and patterns and inspired by cultures around the world, Kala Pata is a brand to bookmark! My favorites are the oversized clutches (above) from the Samarkand collection and all (all) the lacquer boxes. There are more color and designs on the Kala Pata website that you are going to want to browse! Have a wonderful day!

Kala Pata/ Once Upon A Tea Time


Images courtesy of /credit: Amreen/ Kala Pata

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