Less Judgement/ OUATT

Good morning! This is something I fervently believe in and try my best to practice. It would be wonderful if we as humans never (ever) judged. But that’s not how it works, right?! When we practice empathy and remember that what we are seeing is always the tip of an iceberg, we create an opportunity to learn and understand more about a person or a situation. Judging can start off in very small ways and mushroom into every corner of our lives. I am no expert but I do feel that whenever I take the time to slow down and learn, I come away richer. I would love to hear what you think. Have a wonderful day!

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  1. Nitya

    You are right, Priya. Wonderful post. I really appreciate these kinds of thought provoking posts you write. I have discovered that the less I am judgemental the more I am self aware. Also, it always leaves me with a bitter taste in my mouth. In today’s world of social media, one may say we make ourselves vulnerable to judgement so it becomes even more imperative that we become more conscious and ourselves be non judjmental and open so we can absorb what is akin to our natural state and let what is not pass ????. I always wonder why humans possess these sorts of traits. So many of them for self preservation? All for survival? It is quite intriguing.