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When I think of a work area, whether a home office or a studio or office space outside the home or a personal creative zone, I always think of  bright and airy rooms. Tall ceilings, pendant lighting over a work table and a large desk in the center of the room for the computer. All layered with textiles and art. Objects that hold memories. Inspiration boards. BLISS! Welcome to the next in the series of OUATT inspired rooms! We started with The Literary Salon and today we are going to talk about carving out a personal area to work, create, think and
daydream. Whether it’s setting up a desk in a corner or an entire office space, I hope these ideas will inspire you to create a haven that recharges you and allows your creativity to blossom. When I say creativity, I don’t mean just the arts- there is a quote attributed to Brene Brown, “Creativity is the way I share my soul with the world”- which, if you think about it, can mean any subject or passion that drives you. So, how do you set it up? 

  1. If you are working with a room or a set of rooms, that’s awesome! If all the space you can spare is a desk, it’s easy to create an oasis of calm and inspiration within that area too. Step 1, figure out where you are going to set up your work area. Make sure it’s not a high-traffic zone and doesn’t have too many distractions. I have worked at dining tables, in tiny linen closets, cubicles, rooms and even a fantastic garden cottage, and I can tell you that while having an individual room is great, just demarcating a dedicated, personal space allows you to get started.Once Upon A Tea Time HQ/ Workspace Inspiration
  2. The next step depends on what inspires you. Do you like the surface to be clutter-free? If yes, then keep only what you need on the desk- computer, office supplies and a lamp to provide adequate lighting. Play around with colors. I love the blue of this lamp and chose blue accents like the lightweight kantha textile on the table to create a very calming, yet tiny, space for myself. OUATT Inspired Rooms/ Once Upon A Tea Time
  3. Which brings us to textiles. Even if you prefer minimal clutter, vintage and contemporary textiles can really help bring your personality to the table (literally). OUATT reader Nithya shared this picture of her OUATT-inspired office on her Instagram and you can see how just adding a kantha fabric ups the style ante! It really allows you to play with different colors and change the mood of the room. OUATT Inspired Rooms: Nithya
  4. Next step, add plants! Having living things in your workspace is known to increase your productivity. This article explains how. I also love the idea of corralling things on trays and this picture that Nithya shared on Pinterest is great for a work table as well..Green Mirchi on Pinterest  Workplace Inspiration/ Studio OUATT/ Once Upon A Tea Time Workplace Inspiration/ Studio OUATT/ Once Upon A Tea Time
  5. If you prefer a more OUATT kind of style, then layering is your next step. Start by covering your table with a textile (everything in my life starts with this step).  If your table is against a wall, arrange art, framed posters or memorabilia in varying sizes (a up-and-down skyline kind of effect) against it.OUATT Inspired Rooms/ Once Upon A Tea Time Choose art in colors that you love – I love brick-red and indigo so much and I never tire of looking at them. I like to keep postcards, fabric scraps and pictures in those colors on the table. Workplace Inspiration/ Studio OUATT/ Once Upon A Tea Time
  6. If you have wall space, you may want to create a gallery wall of gorgeous art..Gallery Wall/ Once Upon A Tea Time
  7. Don’t be afraid to mix prints and patterns! My golden rule is that I stay within a color family and have fun with it. OUATT Inspired Rooms
  8. Add flowers, shake well, and enjoy your gorgeous, personal space! Once Upon A Tea Time HQ/ Workspace Inspiration

I would love to see your style and how you have created a personal zone. Have a wonderful day!

Image credits: 4) and 5)- Nithya C.; you can follow her on Pinterest; all other images, Studio OUATT.


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