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The Sole Sisters’ Studio

TheSoleSisters/Once Upon A Tea Time

HippieSole/ The Sole Sisters/ Once Upon A Tea Time

You may be familiar with The Sole Sisters, a community that celebrates women’s love for their shoes as well as an eponymous company that creates gorgeous footwear. Chondamma Cariappa started The Sole Sisters blog in 2011 and shared the pictures she received from women all over the world- pictures of the different footwear they were wearing. The blog led to a shoe company in 2014 and now, The Sole Sisters products are stocked in stores around the world, from New York to South Korea. They combine traditional Indian textiles (such as ikats or the khadi) and footwear styles with a contemporary vibe that looks good no matter where you are in the world. 
WickerKolaps/ The Sole Sisters/ Once Upon A Tea Time

 The Sole Sisters/ Once Upon A Tea Time

I wanted to share a picture of their studio because it looks so cool and comfortable and just the kind of place to lay back and let the creative ideas come to you! Watch out for The Sole Sisters website due to be up soon.TheSoleSisters/Once Upon A Tea Time

Image courtesy of The Sole Sisters.

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