Once Upon A Tea Time/CollectiviteaHello! I have been missing from here for a long time and I am so sorry! It’s been a busy but a very creative and exciting time as we decided on a name for the OUATT marketplace- we chose Collectivitea- and also decided on what our future direction is going to be. As we wrote in our newsletter, it’s an opportunity to combine the two things that OUATT has always been about- creativity and support ( I don’t know if you remember but for the longest time, I ran a Support The Artisan project where artisan communities and organizations working with them received free advertising, blog posts etc.) The name Collectivitea is a nod to this blog and also, as a bigger and broader version of the Support The Artisan project, our mission to promote creative entrepreneurs and causes and communities that may need all our support- we do that by charging a nominal commission and no charge at all for listing products, no membership fees and no time limits. Plus, as any of our sellers will tell you, our support team is very supportive! (Sorry! I couldn’t help that!) Many of the sellers in our marketplace collaborate with a variety of organizations that empower artisan communities, others are creatives and creative entrepreneurs, still others support causes that are dear to them by donating part of the proceeds. And I wanted a name that would reflect that feeling of working together and of belonging to a supportive community. It’s been great hearing from people that they love the name. Our website is completely redesigned, we have 1 or 2 more changes coming up and then we will see what shape this dream will take. If you like Collectivitea, I’d love for you to share it with your family and friends because the more people get to know about these creatives and their collaborative organizations, the more it will help bring attention and support. Take the store Kari By Kriti– Kriti works with an NGO that provides occupational training to women facing economic challenges in the south Indian city of Hyderabad. Their handloom, cotton, mint and blush tea towels are gorgeous + will support a good cause.

Handloom, ikat cotton tea towels/ Collectivitea

But that’s not all. We have talented artists from many different parts of the world, working on different media as well as creative entrepreneurs and I am thrilled to be sharing this space with them. Many of you have been reading OUATT since the very beginning (late 2008) and I feel like I know so many of you without actually having met you. Our love for tea and tea time may have thrown us together but so much more than that keeps us together. Have a wonderful weekend and I will see you back soon!

Image credit: 1. The first picture is from my new office. :); 2) Kari By Kriti;


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