Hello from the Collectivitea HQ! I am thrilled to have many new sellers join us and as the marketplace comes together slowly but surely, it has been an education like no other. To all you creatives, entrepreneurs and small business owners, you are awesome and it’s a privilege to work with you! And all you connoisseurs and supporters, thank you! We couldn’t do it without you! As I type this, I am sitting in my office (the lush, slightly over-the-top space you see above), listening to the rain outside and thinking that no matter how far-flung the world maybe, we are all connected in our passion for creativity, not just in the arts but in all aspects of life, in our commitment to artisanal, original, handcrafted creations, to indie efforts and businesses and to keeping the entrepreneurial spirit alive. Yay! One of our first supporters at the marketplace, Sprout Enterprise are a community of artisans, designers and entrepreneurs that work to create sustainable livelihoods for rural communities. Their block prints from Tilonia are gorgeous, subtle and perfect for summer. If you haven’t already, do visit their store here @ Collectivitea. They have a huge selection and you are going to love it!


I think it speaks to what we really want to do with Collectivitea – to grow the supportive community that has formed around us, to bring attention to the work of the many indie designers, makers, creatives and entrepreneurs and to causes that resonate with us.Have a wonderful weekend and be sure to check back to see what’s new!

Image credits: 1) Studio OUATT; 2) Sprout Enterprise;

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