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Over A Cup Of Tea: Are You Waiting To Be Happy?


Once Upon A Tea TimeOn Instagram, at about 3-4PM (I try not to miss this and am there almost everyday), I post a picture of my cup of tea. A virtual tea time that I can share with everyone. It’s a special time of the day- a time when I give myself permission to slow down, to do something or not at all, to read or daydream. A time to savor now. I drink tea, and keep talking about tea time, but this applies to any time that you set aside for you.  Once Upon A Tea Time

But somehow, somewhere, I lost sight of what tea time represents. I lost sight of the fact that the idea of tea time resonates with so many of us because its the time we give ourselves permission to just be. What we do at tea time is really a way of life. It’s practicing being aware, of being right here- not going over things that happened in the past or worrying over events that may happen in the future. You are here, you are drinking your tea and you can relax. What if you/we let this apply to life? Many experts have said this repeatedly and far more eloquently, but until we connect the dots for ourselves, it remains a teaching and not a way of life. Think about it- what if we didn’t wait for that or this thing to happen to be happy? Whoa! We could be happy today! Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could just take a look at our lives and see that it doesn’t have to perfect for us to be happy? We keep waiting for everything to be ‘just so’ (‘just so’ being arbitrarily defined by you) and we postpone happiness to sometime in the future. Once Upon A Tea Time

In my case, I have been paying lip-service to the idea behind tea time (pun not intended) and lost track of the very essence – that we should savor, enjoy and revel in the present time. It doesn’t mean a lack of action or that we let things slide- do your due diligence, take the steps forward that you need to, but also let yourself enjoy today. I had this moment last week where I realized I have been postponing everything- meet-ups with friends, parties (?!), starting a book club- until I had Collectivitea where I want it to be. You know, postponing the time when I would be happy. That meant working crazy hours, and this constant feeling of ‘miles to go before I sleep’ – it’s a great poetry line, but in reality is anxiety-inducing!

Once Upon A Tea Time

Whatever you are doing, don’t rush the process. Revel in the journey- both the good and the bad teach you so much. Don’t get attached to an outcome. Do your part and see what happens- remember, it doesn’t mean inaction. You do your part and then see what the universe has planned. What can be more beautiful than that?! I would love to hear what you think. Join in the conversation!

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3 thoughts on “Over A Cup Of Tea: Are You Waiting To Be Happy?”

  1. Renu says:

    Love this line!!! — You do your part and then see what the universe has planned.

  2. cardamomcollective says:

    I have been thinking these same thing Priya, and I;m so grateful to you for sharing and putting them so eloquently!! Also, I can’t wait for the book club!! Thank you of the beautiful for you do xo

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