A Woman Of Substance (Part 3)

Art, Creatives+ Creative Entrepreneurs, Over a cup of tea.. (Online Journal), Textiles / Sunday, June 19th, 2016
A Woman of Substance, 2011/ Chandrika Marla/ Once Upon A Tea Time
A Woman of Substance, 2011/ Chandrika Marla

“You can spot a woman of substance right away, since she stands tall in the crowd, exuding an aura of confidence and calm, generously smiling an acknowledgement as you look at her and think, “Is it you? Are you the woman of substance that I’ve heard so much about? Huh. You look so approachable!” Her friendships are true and generous. She’s the one who brings you chicken soup when you need it, who encourages you to spread your wings, but gives you a hand when you stumble. She is a good friend. A solid friend. A kick-you-in-the-pants friend, if you’re getting too silly! She knows right from wrong, and also that what is right for her may not be right for you. She has a vision for her life and has worked hard to achieve it. And so she is radiant in her confidence and her laugh is infectious. She has her weak moments but will ask for your help. And this endears her to you even more, when you see that she is neither infallible nor proud. And her most important quality? She encourages people to add substance to their own lives – their own unique kind of substance. Because what is right for you is what you need. So that you too can be a substantive personality, and smile generously across the room as people see you in the crowd and wonder….”- artist Chandrika Marla

Image credit/copyright: Chandrika Marla

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