I am officially back from summer and it feels so exciting! Even though we are not in school anymore, August always holds so much promise. Everyone here in the US is back after the break, schools will be starting soon and whether you traveled or enjoyed a staycation, it feels like the ‘reset’ button has been hit and it’s time for another new beginning in the middle of the year! Today’s mood is hopeful, cheerful and full of love and in honor of #textileTuesday, here is a textile postcard just for you!

Textile Tuesday @Collectivitea, 7/26

Just like every new beginning, I’ve some resolutions and one of them is to blog everyday and this time around, I am hoping to keep it. Because nothing is more fun than doing what you love- a little bit of writing and photography everyday makes my world go around. How about you? Any resolutions?

Image credit: Studio OUATT


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