This is an exciting moment for us and we want to share the joy with you! We have now moved to our new web address and there is a sensation of coming home. It’s almost exactly a year since the idea of building a marketplace took root, and from then ( we launched late Nov-December) until today, it’s been a thrilling ride, with plenty of ups and downs. I will be very frank, and say that I didn’t know if it was doable, and whether our small team would be able to build something of this scale from scratch. And that we would be able to do it in a way that was true to us, and reflective of our mission- to build a platform that celebrates the creative process and the spirit of enterprise + draws attention and support to causes and communities.  7 months later, we are even more excited to grow! Thank you for your support, for believing in us, for sticking with us through our growing pains, for helping spread the word, for opening a store and for shopping with us!  As we move forward, there are just two things I want to share- success to us is building a thriving, supportive, inclusive and sustainable marketplace. Success is also operating from an abundance mindset- there is enough and more for everyone. There are many marketplaces (big, bigger, biggest :)) but there is place for everyone. And to be part of this dynamic, giving and sharing community is just awesome! We are still working on our longer-term mission which is to see how Collectivitea can help causes and communities that need wider attention. Non-profit organizations, artisan and weaver cooperatives and communities, empowerment programs to name just a few. We would love to hear suggestions! Please do get in touch if you have ideas for collaborations, would like to help spread the word or work with us in any way. Collectivitea. Let’s do this together!

Why Shop At Collectivitea?

On a more prosaic note, all the older urls will continue to work but going forward, and if you’d like to share links within your communities, please do share Thank you as always for sharing teatime with me and for being part of this wonderful journey. If you are waiting for the latest issue of the ouatt magazine, I promise to have it out very soon. Remember that subscribing via email to our newsletter, gets you complimentary access to our digital magazine. The latest issue has me talking to Mari Gray of Kakaw Designs  + an artist and her spouse publish the most darling coloring book. You are going to love getting to know these creative personalities!

Image credits: Studio OUATT


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