It’s National Coloring Book Day today, Aug 2nd! It’s also the day that the August issue of the OUATT magazine comes out (it just did!).

OUATT Magazine, Aug 16 2016

If you’ve always wondered about the magazine, it’s an online, digital magazine (no physical copy) and what’s special about it is that it has podcasts embedded within the pages. I like it and I think you’ll to. Just imagine.. you brew your pot of chai and then you flip (digitally) through the magazine and listen to the podcasts which are essentially conversations over, well, chai. It will be like all of us met for tea. The fantastic news is that you can get the magazine for free, delivered to your email address when you subscribe to our newsletter. You will also stay updated with what’s new at Collectivitea and enjoy lots of creative inspiration via the magazine Yes? Right this way to join up! What does all that have to do with National Coloring Book Day? Well, this month we have 2 podcast-conversations in the magazine. One is with Mari Gray of Kakaw Designs (you can visit her virtually for tea here) and the second is with Indian artist Subadra Kalyanaraman.

Subadra Kalyanaraman/OUATT

Influenced and inspired by the Madhubani art form, Subadra and her husband, Balajee GE, a writer, collaborated and created a coloring book, Shakuntala And Her Magic Box : A Madhubani Themed Pull-Out & Frame Coloring Book.

Shakuntala And Her Magic Box : A Madhubani Themed Pull-Out & Frame Colouring Book

You can hear her story in her own words on how she got started with art, on working with her husband and enjoying the creative journey- all of that is in the August issue of the magazine. You can also visit Subadra at her FB page Art By Subadra.

Subadra Kalyanaraman/OUATT


All images courtesy of Subadra Kalyanaraman.


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