Book Picks, Week Of Aug 8th/ Once Upon a Tea Time

Almost all my birthday presents this year have been books and faced with these awesome choices, I am wondering which one to start with. The books of Rumi poetry are something that I intend to read everyday, a meditation on the words. I started reading You Are A Badass, How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness And Start Living An Awesome Life by Jen Sincero and am enjoying it. But again rather than reading it in one go, I am going to read a little everyday. With motivational books, I’ve found that I like to read, ruminate and reflect, and then come back for more. Which leaves me with Pulitzer Prize winner Siddhartha Mukherjee’s The Gene, An Intimate History. It’s long, but given his skill and mastery over language, I can’t wait to start. Science and medicine told as stories have always held a particular fascination for me and I am excited to read this one. After years of reading just fiction, I’ve mixed it up a lot more this years, thanks to audio books. I find it easier to listen to nonfiction works like memoirs, research studies, travel books than to read them. It does however depend on the voice of who is doing the reading. For example, hearing Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear, read by Elizabeth Gilbert herself, made the book all the more real and personal, as if she had written it just for me. Of course, audiobooks don’t in anyway stop me from wanting to hoard all books in their physical form! I mean, how beautiful are all of them together?! What are you reading these days?

Image credit: Studio OUATT

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