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FabMo/ Collectivitea

FabMo is a SF Bay Area- based organization that rescues designer fabrics and decorative materials otherwise destined for landfills. An all-volunteer driven, non-profit organization, their goal is to find ‘creative reuse’ for a range of high quality materials- textile/fabric yardage and samples, decorative trims, tile samples, art frame samples, wallpapers and more. What happens when a design studio goes out of business? Or if a store discontinues a particular line of fabric or wallpaper? Have you ever thought about those V-shaped frame samples in art framing stores? What if they decide not to carry a particular style anymore? Many times, those samples and products end up in a landfill somewhere. Enter FabMo who collect, sort, and make them available to local crafters, artists, quilters etc.  They have multiple locations in the SF Bay Area, with the main warehouse located in Mountain View, California.

FabMo/ Collectivitea FabMo/ Collectivitea FabMo/ Collectivitea

They are a great resource for pretty much anyone who can reimagine and repurpose these raw materials. And even for those that don’t craft or sew!  For example, when I took a tour of their office and warehouse, I was excited about finding a new place for affordable textiles here in the Bay area because fabrics and textiles are a constant source of inspiration for my photography. A muse like no other. FabMo would be a great place for finding supplies for school arts and science projects. For these beautiful materials to end up in a landfill would be terrible and wasteful, because they are creative projects just waiting to happen.  But that’s not all. FabMo offers these products on a suggested donation basis (and not priced per item) which makes it an even more valuable resource to the community. FabMo/ Collectivitea FabMo/ Collectivitea FabMo6 FabMo/ Collectivitea If you are in the Bay area, do bookmark them for a visit (you will need to setup an appointment via their website) or to become a volunteer. You can visit them for one of their selection events or at their Textile Arts boutique that is coming up in October. Our hope here at Collectivitea is that by showcasing organizations filling diverse needs, we can bring wider attention to their work and inspire people to connect and collaborate. If you’d like to set up similar efforts in your local community, the folks at FabMo are happy to help you by providing mentorship and education. You can get in touch with them for mentoring support, learn about their work, the products they offer and upcoming workshops and boutiques by visiting their website at www.fabmo,org.




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