Happy 4PM/ Collecitivtea

As i was planning how I’d like to blog from here on, one thing that I kept coming back to was how tea time was a way for me to find a window of quiet in a busy day. Maybe it’s true for you too. You may be at home, at work, commuting with your travel mug – it may not be the traditional 4pm or even involve tea! Tea time symbolizes time that you set aside for yourself. Keeping that in mind, I thought I would use the hour of 4PM to share a virtual cup of tea with you here on the blog and share today’s inspiration. A different kind of happy hour!

Happy 4PM/ Collecitivtea

Lately, I’ve switched all nonfiction ‘reading’ to audiobooks that accompany my daily morning walk. This has led to my starting the day on a more open and more in ‘listening mode’, if that makes sense. (Plus I have been listening to Brené Brown’s Rising Strong, so definitely more empathetic, more vulnerable and aware.) Whether you are a longtime listener or just starting out, here is a great website for audiobook selections. For today’s tea time, I want to share with you two quotes from two amazing teachers…Gratitude Journal/Collectivitea Gratitude Journal/Collectivitea

Happy 4 pm!


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