Hello Monday! Thanks to schools reopening after summer break, August always feels like a reboot! And what better way to celebrate than with nature’s favored colors for new starts- green and pink. If you think of August as a new start, what do you see for yourself this year? What are your goals for this year? I used to create physical mood boards, a collection of words, art and pictures that were inspiring me at that time but it was always more because I loved photographing the various, and apparently random, collection of images, colors, prints and patterns juxtaposed against each other. For example, if you see the mood board that I created for last August’s OUATT magazine issue, you will see pink figures prominently there too.

Motivational Monday, Vision Boards Etc. /Once Upon A Tea Time

After coming across vision boards on social media (Design*Sponge had a beautiful one on their Instagram), I wanted to make one too. Vision boards are slightly different from mood boards.
Pink And Green/ Once Upon A Tea Time

A vision board is where you put together images and words that inspire you, but also are  about what you want to do, how you want to feel and what goals you want to accomplish. Kind of a ‘this is the direction I want to head in’. They are a powerful tool because they can help you focus and literally, keep your eye on what your longer term goals are. If you are interested in making one for yourself, I want to recommend reading this HuffPost article on vision boards. I am in the process of creating my vision board and I will share it here once I am done. Pink And Green/ Once Upon A Tea Time

As we begin a new work week, I am inspired by these words by Oprah Winfrey..

Motivational Monday, Vision Boards Etc. /Once Upon A Tea Time

Motivational Monday, Vision Boards Etc. /Once Upon A Tea Time

Have a fantastic week and I will see you soon!

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