For us, it’s a new beginning on many counts and as part of those changes, I’d like to start every morning with a positive affirmation. What are positive affirmations? This article explains how the things we tell ourselves ( I am bad at that.., I can never do this.. etc.) can become our self-defeating reality. By using positive statements in place of the negative, we can change our set of beliefs and our circumstances. Positive affirmations are best done as a daily practice. Today’s affirmation is…

I am enough/ Positive Affirmation/ Collectivitea

Among the affirmations/ thoughts that I share here, some may resonate more with you than others, and you may want to focus on one at a time.  Have a wonderful day!

Starting this week, everyday, the OUATT/Collectivitea blog will share a positive affirmation/thought every morning. We are based in California, so that’s Pacific Time.  If you’d like to write, contribute and share your ideas on the blog, please email us.

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