Vision Board, Aug 2016

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Hello, everyone! Now, we really are back!  I’ve always found August filled with new hopes, dreams and purpose, and I talked last week about vision boards and how I was inspired to make one for myself. They are great for expressing your goals for the coming year- how you’d like to feel, what you’d like to accomplish. I thought it would be a simple exercise as I already know what I want to do and how I want to feel. However, it took me longer than I expected- the act of putting it down on an actual, physical surface somehow seems to make it feel very real/concrete and I wanted to get it right. Which means they are already working, right?

Vision Boards/ Collectivitea

So! A lot of themes that I am already working on- abundance, mindfulness and wellness- but also new themes like water. To flow gracefully in life. To be yielding and soft, and less hard edges. To take up swimming again. Plus I want to travel more and going back to Italy is one of my goals for the coming year. Do you have a vision board? I would love to see what you’ve put down on it, Wondering whether it’s a good exercise for you? Read Jack Canfield’s post on how and why vision boards work here. It wasn’t enough to create a vision board for myself though. I created one for Collectivitea too.Vision Boards/ Collectivitea

We were so focused on building a marketplace and figuring out the tech part of it that I never had a ‘final version’ vision of what I’d like for Collectivitea to grow up to be. So I started working on a vision board for Collectivitea. A marketplace, yes. Multicultural representation and global style. Artisanal. Handcrafted. Entrepreneurial spirit. A collective of people and organizations working to support creative enterprise. But not just that. From today, in addition to our stories of design and creativity, we will be featuring people, organizations and communities that are working on diverse causes, to fill needs and to support and empower. So yes, to celebrate everyday heroes working towards a better world. August. We are happy to get back to work. We have a more structured blogging schedule in place (more frequent posts!), and I hope you will visit us any time that you’re looking for creative inspiration.

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