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La Boheme House Of The Wishing Trees

I am so thrilled to share with you a conversation with the creative behind the wildly-successful decor brand, La Boheme ~ House of The Wishing Trees. If you are on Instagram, and you love the boho-chic decor style, then you have surely come across the gorgeously styled pictures that make you want to step right into your phone, and into that room. (May we please stay here?)

La Boheme The House Of The Wishing Trees/Collectivitea

It’s hard to pick the one thing that sets it apart- the East-meets-West fusion, the warm colors, the gorgeous textiles are all expertly styled and beautifully layered to create an inviting space. It’s almost as if the warmth of the stylist seeps through. It also speaks to the power of textiles to change the mood from dramatic to serene to playful, in an instant!

La Boheme The House Of The Wishing Trees/CollectiviteaMeet Jo Brittles who runs La Boheme ~ House Of The Wishing Trees, an online home decor and accessories business based out of Australia. Jo ethically sources gorgeous textiles and other home goods from around the world for her audience. But that’s not all! She crafts these rooms that tell stories of travels and treasures found, and how color, print and pattern can come together in many different ways to create magic. That makes her a storyteller. Once you read the words below, you will also know that she is a poet at heart.  Jo shares her creative journey below.

La Boheme- House Of The Wishing Trees/Collectivitea

CTEA: Have you always been creative? And if yes, would you consider yourself a creative entrepreneur? What got you started?

JB: I have definitely always been a creative spirit. Drama, writing, poetry, aesthetics, travel, art, design. You name it, I’ve played with it, held it, turned it over and let it settle in my heart for a time. I am drawn by the pull of the beautiful. Whether they are words, a stage, a song, a painting, a couch or a scarf, for long, precious moments, I am lost in them all.

La Boheme The House Of The Wishing Trees/Collectivitea

CTEA: What are your goals for La Boheme- House Of The Wishing Trees? Where do you see it 5 years from now?

JB: I hope to grow La Boheme ~House Of The Wishing Trees. I guess my main aim always was and always will be, finding and sourcing beautiful global goods and providing them safe passage home. My adoration of global finds commenced with my years of travels abroad. I saw and experienced so many beautiful cultures and art and architecture and textiles, the profound beauty of it all, stayed with me and left a very deep impression. In the coming years, I would like to expand that initial vision. Incorporate more, hunt more, travel to far off places and source more. Much of what I stock is vintage, one-of-a-kind, often hand crafted and ethically sourced, always. So to continue unearthing treasures…one must get dirty! Ha!

La Boheme The House Of The Wishing Trees/CollectiviteaCTEA: What advice would you give someone who is starting out as a creative and/or entrepreneur?

JB: Don’t give up! The battle is always won and lost, over how steadfast your commitment to YOURSELF is! Success means different things, to different people of course. But I live by : “You consistently are, what you consistently do!”

* Stay focused and passionate

* Never give up

* Listen intently to those who have gone before you

* Never turn down a hand that offers to help

* Be truthful to yourself, with yourself and of yourself, always.

* Find your own feet (Don’t copy, don’t emulate, don’t plagiarise. Find your own light, stand in your own magic and let it shine)

* Stay humble, always.

CTEA:  What is your favorite part about running La Boheme?

JB: I love everything about running La Boheme! I love the hunt for beautiful, vintage, one-of-a-kind items. I love connecting with other creatives where we can inspire one another and help each other onwards and upwards. But I REALLY love the styling part. I do it all myself and sometimes, I let my crazy hang out! I adore using products in different ways from the norm. Put a rug on the bed. Hang jute on the wall. I love to team colours, patterns and textiles together that create a story. I often style to music, or I’m inspired by a poem, or I write and then grab some textiles and go crazy! My styling process is a very creative one. I am inspired by the smallest of things, but I expand that thought….and the styling comes.

La Boheme The House Of The Wishing Trees/Collectivitea

With eclectic, bohemian and global style – anything really goes, it truly is a mix of everything I love most. So I go for it. I am unapologetic in my approach and fearless. Sometimes it works, sometimes it falls incredibly short! Ha! But you live and you learn. Every day, every product, every shot, every tilt of my head and each plant I add….is a journey. But every single time, you are viewing the fearless, yet most vulnerable pieces of my creative spirit – unleashed upon the world, sent off into the universe, with the simple hope….that it may inspire. Insight change, tell a story, BE the story. I hope people view my styling and hear the whispered verses of poems, or the chords of their favourite song or see beautiful, far off places in their minds eye, that starts the heart on its yearning.

I suppose ultimately, my approach in life, in everything I’ve ever done, is to lead people to ‘FEEL’.

Does it move you?

Does it speak to you?

Does it lead you to happiness?

Many people walk into my home and say ‘Oh Jo, every time I walk through this door, I feel warm and comfortable and so happy!’ and that is seriously and truthfully, the very greatest compliment I could ever receive. A room, your home and all that you surround yourself with, should lead you to feel joy! Always. Like a warm embrace, your mothers cooking, your babies sleeping head nestled to your heart, your lovers hand entwined with yours…”- Jo Brittles

I sometimes visualize that there are airport runway-like network of fairy lights on the surface of my brain, and when I mix and match different colors, prints and patterns, different sections light up. And sometimes all of them are glowing with light, and all I can do is recognize the magic and reach quickly for my camera- that’s what Jo’s styling does for me! Thank you for sharing from the heart! You can visit La Boheme ~ House Of The Wishing Trees at their website. – Priya

Images credit/courtesy: Jo Brittles.


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