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Art, Creatives+ Creative Entrepreneurs / Friday, September 9th, 2016

               Karishma Banerji Madan/ Collectivitea  So many beautiful happenings have arisen out of tea time! Friendships have been forged and memories created. Ideas and ‘aha’ moments have come about. There is something about tea time that is almost magical because it cajoles us into stepping out of our frenetic lifestyles and into the present moment. The only things that matter are the cups of  chai and the people that you are sharing it with. I have always thought of tea time as the time I give myself permission to do what I love to do. Whether it’s reading a few pages of a book, daydreaming, photography, or visiting with a friend, it’s a time of day I look forward to.  I have put together a series of ‘tea times’ where we visit with people you will love getting to know. This month, we introduce you to Karishma Banerji Madan, a management professional. She is currently in India after a stay in South Korea. She is also a very talented artist, photography-dabbler, a blogger and all-round creative. And her joie de vivre is an inspiration to everyone. Come, say hello!

Once Upon A Tea Time with Karishma Banerji Madan/ Collectivitea

It all starts with tea…

Once Upon A Tea Time with Karishma Banerji Madan/ Collectivitea

“… I relish the morning cuppa the most as it is made by my husband and he is the better tea-maker between the two of us. There is nothing as wonderful as savoring a good cup of tea at home curled up in your favorite corner, watching the rain or reading a magazine, or just introspecting and having silent conversations with yourself. I love mine with lots of ginger, cinnamon, and basil leaves. I associate tea with the smell of the ground drenched with the first rains of the season, with warming my hands holding the mug as I look out of the window on a cold foggy morning and with endless conversations with friends. Simply put, chai for me is a ‘constant’ and there is no other brew in the world that quite compares to it ! I am a tea mug hoarder and mostly have to be dragged out of ceramic stores. ”

Once Upon A Tea Time with Karishma Banerji Madan/ Collectivitea
Home to me
is where I unwind, create and re-create. It is my drawing board, my canvas to add endless layers of color to and texture. Putting together our home has been an exciting journey, one that is far from being complete. It is amazing to see lifeless corners transformed with bits and pieces picked up from flea markets, to see my plants breathe life into an empty balcony. It is literally akin to painting your dream, blending different colors, different strokes, and seeing it all come together to form a picture that you love and cherish.

Once Upon A Tea Time with Karishma Banerji Madan/ Collectivitea

On being an artist…

I am not an artist by occupation but art is something that I am very passionate about. Time loses meaning when I am in front of my canvas and I feel a great sense of calm and peace when I am immersed in completing an artwork, and love the ‘creative high’ upon completion of a painting. The recent hiatus from my stint in the corporate world allows me the luxury of being able to devote more time to it. My husband is the wind beneath my wings- I love how he backs up my love for art, pushes me to challenge myself with every new painting and of course, how he loves to see our home done up with my artwork. While oil on canvas remains my favorite form of art, I am also learning traditional  Korean folk art known as ‘Minhwa’ painting (pictured below). The styles are completely contrasting, as are the color palettes, and I love being able to switch from the drama and emotion of oil paintings to the precision and discipline of ‘Minhwa’ art. Inspiration strikes at various moments. It just has to be a sight or a photograph that is convincing enough for me to want to paint it. Mostly I always know inside of me when I see a certain subject that ’this’ is what I want to paint next. For instance, one of my recent paintings ‘Quest for Divinity’ (pictured below) was inspired by a ‘Naga Sadhu’ from the ‘Maha Kumbh’ in India, and I was drawn to the vermilion against his ash smeared forehead and to his trancelike state in his attempt to attain ‘nirvana’. I just ‘knew’ I had to paint him. I do not specialize in any genre as such, and enjoy painting landscapes and portraits alike.

Once Upon A Tea Time with Karishma Banerji Madan/ Collectivitea

Once Upon A Tea Time with Karishma Banerji Madan/ Collectivitea Once Upon A Tea Time with Karishma Banerji Madan/ Collectivitea


All images are courtesy of Karishma Banerji Madan. The pictured artwork, Quest For Divinity and the ‘Minhwa’ paintings are by Karishma.  Karishma’s photograph is taken by A. Madan.

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