Lai Designs and Bidri X MCM

Bidri x MCM/ Collectivitea

Lai Designs is an India + California based jewelry brand, headed by creative Puja Bhargava Kamath. (We have a conversation with her here). They are know for their contemporary and culturally informed, handcrafted sterling silver jewelry. Their latest collection is called Bidri x MCM. This collection takes the steeped-in-tradition Bidri art of inlaying silver wire/sheet on an alloy of oxidized zinc and copper and reinterprets it through the sleek, stripped down lens of Mid-century Modernism. If you are wondering what Bidri art looks like, think of smooth, black matte surfaces on which silver looks like it’s been drawn with a fine pen. Modern? Definitely. Sleek? Oh yes. Celebrating centuries-old tradition? You bet!

Bidri x MCM/ Lai Designs/ Collectivitea

Bidri x MCM/ Lai Designs/ Collectivitea

There are earrings, rings, bracelets, cuffs as well as necklaces and even pairs of cufflinks. As you get ready for the holiday season, why not add a dash of minimalist elegance to complete your look? There aren’t many accessories that also come with a nearly 700 year old tradition of craftsmanship! Visit Lai Designs at their new website here to see this and other collections and remember, they do ship both from the US and India.

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  1. Puja Bhargava Kamath says:

    Eloquent as always, Priya! Thank you so much for shining the spotlight on our work- again! 🙂

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