Karigari Festive Lounge: India Revisited

Creatives+ Creative Entrepreneurs, Jewelry, Textiles / Wednesday, October 12th, 2016

karigari festive lounge/Collectivitea

Are you in London on Oct 16th? Well, if you are, you are in for a treat! Being in London in the fall is a treat by itself, but it’s also the day that some fabulous creatives have gotten together and organized an event at the Asia House. The event is called Karigari Festive Lounge: India Revisited and as the name suggests, it is a showcase for Indian artisanal craftsmanship. The five London-based design houses taking part are Sanskara Designs, Jyoti Chandhok, Zafran, Dimple Design and The Far East Art Studio. Can you think of anything more lovely to do on a Sunday afternoon than to be surrounded by a variety of colors, prints, patterns and textures in the form of exquisite jewelry and textiles? I definitely want to go! Get your holiday shopping done! I met the creative behind Sanskara Designs, Josephine Nirmala in California over the summer and I have to tell you, her jewelry is beautiful because of her eye for color and pattern but also, because she adds the warmth of her personality. This is a chance to meet these creatives + bring home something you will treasure! Go, don’t miss it! Details are here.

karigari festive lounge/Collectivitea


Image courtesy of Karigari Festive Lounge

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