It’s my favorite time of the year. Cool, crisp mornings. A chance of rain. And everywhere you see, the most glorious colors, as nature puts on a grand finale before heading out for the year. A magical Monday! What are your plans for this week? There’s Halloween today, and we are going to handing out candy all evening. I love seeing the little kids in all their costumes, and hear them giggle and explain who/what they are. My boys are older (“I am almost an adult, Mom!” as one of them keeps on reminding me!), but I think there’s always something of the child in all of us. A part of us that believes in magic. Innocent and shiny. So when we are all handing out candy, we become as excited and happy as the little kids themselves! Corny? Maybe🙃, but true nevertheless! This evening will be a time to treasure and I am excited! Magical Monday/Nurture/ Collectivitea

We can all do with some magic every day, yes? Everyone from Kurt Vonnegut to Elizabeth Gilbert talks about the magic of creativity and as I go about the week, I want to nurture this feeling. What do you do that makes you feel good? Exercise is always good, but in addition is there some activity that you do that makes you feel awesome? My grandfather had some framed lithographs + he collected calendar prints of Indian gods and goddesses. He would then buy sequins, tiny crystals and other shiny decorations and proceed to work on it on weekends. He would glue them on, and I would watch as a regular print was transformed into a glittering and magical scene. He was an accountant, but this was his relaxation. I was 6-7 years old at that time, and he would allow me to work with him some days. I felt honored to be invited! It was also a lesson though I didn’t know at that time- adults played and had fun too. I know creativity always come up when we talk about the arts, but it can be anything that makes you feel that magic inside of you. Make time for it, nurture it, express it and revel in it! Kurt Vonnegut said “To practice any art, no matter how well or badly, is a way to make your soul grow” and Oscar Wilde said…Nurture/ Collectivitea

I am taking time to photograph and use my camera more, both for leisure and for work (see some trial pictures below), and it has been really helpful in making me feel happier and less stressed. So go, have a great week and do more of what makes you happy!- Priya




All photographs are taken by me @ Studio Collectivitea.


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