Kavita In Mumbai/Reader's Contributions/ Collectivitea

I received some gorgeous pictures of the festive season from readers from as far away as Mumbai, India and Toronto, Ontario in Canada. The above picture is from Kavita in Mumbai who sent in this picture of her Diwali (the festival of light) celebrations and I love it! Even though it’s been 20 years since I moved from India, to this day these lanterns take me back instantly to warm Mumbai evenings. With the arrival of festive season, Mumbai, already a bustling and high energy city, becomes this hub of creativity. Diwali and Christmas are both celebrated with these, and star shaped paper lanterns in the balcony of many apartments and houses around the city. You can see them dancing and twinkling, and just writing about it here makes me all nostalgic for that magical time. Thank you for sharing, Kavita!

Deepika in Toronto/Reader's Contributions/ Collectivitea

Deepika in Toronto sent in pictures from the doll display for Navaratri as well as her Diwali and Halloween festivities. How awesome are these! Thank you for sharing!

Deepika in Toronto/Reader's Contributions/ Collectivitea

Deepika in Toronto/Festive Season/Reader's Contributions/ Collectivitea

With Halloween today and then the countdown to the holiday season here in the West, the celebrations continue! – Priya



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